QuickTouch for Retailers POS Software


Are Looking for a Touch Screen Point of Sale System for your Retail Store?



Complete POS System Starting from $59.00 a month Pay upfront or spread the cost monthly. Everything you need is included with no hidden costs.

Includes 15" Touch Screen POS Computer with Customer Pole Display

Wireless Keyboard

Cash Drawer

High Speed Receipt Printer

Bar Code Hand-Held Laser Scanner

VeriFone VX805  Credit Card EMV Pin Pad **

NetEPay Credit Card Processing Software **

Touch Screen POS Software for Retail Stores

Battery Backup Unit / Surge Protector

Laser Report Printer

1-Year Replacement Warranty






To ensure the best performance with our POS Software, we have tested many hardware products with our software. We believe in choosing the right hardware for your system.


Our software does work with the most POS peripherals that uses Windows Drivers. Just remember not all peripherals will work with our software. We have focus on using our hardware to ensure the best performance.


Our primary goal is to provide you with the most
user-friendly point of sale system and provide excellent customer support. You may purchase your hardware from us or another source.


We can provide you with the best POS complete solution; only after successfully doing many rigid tests.

We highly recommend All-In-One Terminals as the POS Sales Terminal and a separate computer as the Data Server to prevent database crashes.


We recommend an Internet connection for remote support and credit card processing. If you don't have an Internet connection, the POS System is totally functional without the Internet.


QuickTouch 15" All In One Touch Screen Computer Front View
QuickTouch 15" All In One Touch Screen Computer Rear View with Customer Pole Display

Ring up sales quickly and easily with QuickTouch for Retailers Point of Sales system designed for retail stores. he system makes everyday tasks from the entry of sales to inventory tracking and end-of-day reports fast and simple. The touchscreen, 15" All-In-One Terminal ideal for small and medium sized businesses looking to upgrade their existing cash registers or for those businesses looking to upgrade  their point of sale system to a more user-friendly system.


Product Features:

An all-in-one out of the box business solution without any long term contracts.

Affordable $10.00 Per Month Support Plan (Optional) Free Email Support,

Free Software Updates

Easy to Use Screens designed for Touch Screen
Easy to input your inventory data or import from an excel spreadsheet.

Manage and update your inventory, pricing and costing with the Back Office Menu

Transaction are easy, and fast.

Adjust quantity or delete line items

Categorize your merchandise by department, size and color

15" Touch Screen All-In-One POS Computer 2.0Ghz CPU, 2GB Memory, 32GB SSD

Note: All-in-One terminal are upgradeable to 4Gb Memory and 240GB SSD.

Cash Drawer, 5 Bills / 5 Coins / Media Slot

High Screen Thermal Receipt Printer - Full Size 3" Wide Receipt

Hand-Held Laser Scanner with Stand.

Customer Pole Display 2 x 20 VFD

Integrated Credit Card processing (Optional) with Chip Card Pin Pad Terminal.

Wireless Keyboard



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