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QuickTouch for Retailers was designed in 1995 for a sunglass store chain. Since then our touch screen retail POS systems has streamlined daily operations. Our software was design with the cashier in mind. First to be easy to use for everyone to use and fast at the sales counter. The training time on learning how to cash out sales is minutes.

Our touch screen pos software allow the cashier to ring up sale quickly so the customer never waits in line. Ringing up an item is as simple as scanning the bar code, and touching the screen to complete the sale. Our sales screen is far  faster than a traditional cash register and other point of sale software.

QuickTouch for Retailers POS Software will help you increase efficiency and accuracy, lower your operating cost and help you manage your inventory. You can track your sales and inventory turnover with the detailed reporting.


Our software includes the most desired features by retailers:

inventory tracking, integrated credit card processing, sales and inventory turnover reporting, sales & customer history tracking, and much more.



QuickTouch for Retailers 
 Touch Screen POS Software for Retail Stores

QuickTouch for Retailers Touch Screen POS Software for Retailers


To ensure the most secure credit card processing, our software is  integrated with Data Cap Systems, Inc.. Data Cap supports over 20 merchant processors.

Our software works with most POS Hardware on the market today. We can assist you installing our software..


We’ll also provide hardware consultation on buying the right hardware for your business. Plus tips on inventory control.



QuickTouch for Retailers Software Single License with One - Year Support Agreement


Approved POS Hardware such as Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers, Customer Pole Displays, Barcode Scanners, Barcode Label Printers and Computers.


We can't test every POS peripherals available on the market. But, we have tested the following point-of-sale peripherals .


Receipt Printers: Printer less than 3 years old. We have tested the Epson TM-20II, TM-88V USB Receipt Printer, Star TSP-100 USB, and QuickTouch for Retailers Receipt Printer. All of the above Printers are 80 Column in Width using 80 Column Thermal Receipt Printer. Some Epson Compatible 58mm and 72mm Thermal USB Receipt have been tested by our customers..


Customer Pole Display: POS-X  Model XP8200U Interface USB,

Logic Control PD3000 Interface USB. PartnerTech CD7200 USB Interface,


Cash Drawer: Most Cash Drawer with the proper interface RJ11 cable to match the Receipt Printer. Example : Epson or Star


Barcode Printer: Most Barcode Scanner with a USB Interface cable.


BarCode Label Printers:  Zebra and TSC Direct Thermal 2.25" and 4" Model and Brother Q7000 with 2.25" wide Continues Feed Labels  (Interface USB.)



Computer System: Prefer POS Computer with Windows 7 Pro or Ready POS 7 and Windows 10. CPU 1.80Ghz CPU or greater Pentium II Socket 1150, i3 to i7, Memory 2GB (4GB recommended) of RAM and  minimal of 64GB of hard drive storage space with Keyboard 16" Wide. and Mouse. Please Note: Windows 10 might require Windows 10 Driver for your POS Peripherals.


Touch Screen Monitor: POS Touch Screen Monitor from 15" to 21" minimal resolution 1260 x 760. Sold Base Stand, VGA Video Port Interface and USB Interface for the Touch Device. 4 or 5 wire resistive Touch Screen. Our Software will work without a Touch Screen Monitor, you can use your mouse pointer as your finger. But Touch Screen are much faster and more user-friendly.


Credit Card Pin Pad: EMV Chip / Swipe /Pin Pad with USB Cable with Power Adapter.


Credit Card Software: DataCap NetEpay Out of Scope Version requires Internet connection and approved gateway server and merchant account processor.



Single License without Support Agreement

Unlimted Local License with Support Agreement

Please Note: Software will be ship on a USB Fash Drive via USPS 1st Class Mail. You may also request to download software via Internet.

$ 159.00 USD

Save $40.00 on 1st Year Support Plan

$ 99.00 USD Software is mail on a USB Flash Drive Via 1St Class Mail
Bonus 30 Days of Support

$ 395.00 USD

Call Us about Integrated Credit Card Processing or Non-Integrated Processing with our Merchant Partner. Get a Free VX805 or VX520,

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