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Touch Screen Cash Register

Type of retail stores:


Automotive Parts

Beauty Supply

Bicycle Store

Book Store

Boutique Shop

Convenience Store

Dollar Store

Electronics Store

General Store

Gift Shop

Hardware Store

Health Food Store

Hobby Shop

Liquor Store

Party Supply

Patio Store

Pet Supply Shop

Pool Supply

Seasonal Store

Shoe Store

Sporting Goods

Sports Pro Shop

Tobacco Shop

Vitamin Store

Wine Shop


QuickTouch for Retailers makes the perfect touch screen cash register. We specialize in inventory control and retail management including the types of stores listed below.


QuickTouch for Retailers controls and manages inventory, employees, customers, vendors, and sales reporting. Its point of sale solution is a turnkey retail business management system that provides the small- and medium-size retailers with the same opportunities that large retailers have by using information from their point-of-sale system to make better business decisions.


QuickTouch for Retailers can be used on a single computer or on a network for an unlimited multi-register environment. It ensures faster performance than a traditional cash register and other point-of-sale systems so the cashier can quickly serve the customer. It’s user-friendly and your staff will be able to quickly ring up sales.


We have developed our software by listening to our customers, spending many hours in-store with business owners, managers and employees while using our software.




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