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QuickTouch for Retailers makes the perfect touch screen cash register. We specialize in inventory control, and retail management. We have listed some of the most common features in our software. These features provide small- and medium-size retailers with the same opportunities that large retailers have by using information from their point of sale system to make better business decisions. Our Sales Screen is designed to ensure faster performance than a traditional cash register and other point-of-sale systems, so the cashier can quickly serve the customer. It’s user-friendly and your staff will be able to quickly ring up sales.




Easy- to-use Sales Screen  for POS transactions

Affordable Touch Screen POS Software for retail stores

Employee friendly & minimal Training Required

Designed for fast transactions

Merchandise returns

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Integrated Gift Card Processing

 Track Customers Sales

Track merchandise with serial numbers

Discount sale items by percent, set price, dollar amount

Quick Menu buttons on Sales Screen

Non-inventory sales

Tax exempt sales

Inventory lookup by Sku # or Description

Employee theft security features

Sale and merchandise turn over reporting

Optional: Employee time clock scheduling

Inventory reports

Merchandise quick receive and purchase orders

Vendor and P.O. tracking

Inventory Management and Sales Tracking

Employee Access Control

And many more...





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