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To ensure the most secure credit card processing, our software is  integrated with Data Cap Systems, Inc. Data Cap supports over 20 merchant processors.

We sell you a complete solution, and we test our software on the hardware to ensure 100% performance. We will guide you through the installation plugging in a few cables with a on-line person to assist you. We’ll also provide consultation on inventory control and adjusting the reports for your business.


We have integrated our software with Datacap NETePay™ with dsiPDCX and EMVdsi Out of Scope software solution for handling credit card payment processing through our software.



With our software you can chose on which credit card company you process through. The software to process credit card payments is called "NetEPay" by Data Cap Systems. We are a authorize reseller of NetEPay Software.


Some companies will offer to purchase the cost of NETePay to process your credit cards through them. Please contact your merchant services, ask them do they support NETePay Software on their Network.


We have partner with three companies to bring you the best competitive rates. Our  partners offer NetEPay Credit Card Processing Software to you at no up-front cost to you.

Approved Pin Pads:

Verifone VX805  USB

Ingenico iPP350 USB

Ingenico iPP320 USB


 List of Approved Networks:



United states


HeartLand   - Chris Danner  Phone: 314-599-2026

First Data Rapid Connect - Michael Peed  - 813-642-6919 (BlueStar)


WorldPay - Lauren Shepard - 813.472.6526

Global Payments


SterlingPayment - Kevin  Cozzolino - 813-371-8220 (Chase PaymentTech)




Chase PaymentTech

Global Payments

Moneris Solutions



Datacap NETePay Software
VeriFone VX805 Credit Card Pin Pad
 POS Integrated Credit Card Processing

VeriFone VX805

Credit Card Pin Pad

Contactless and EMV Ready

Ingenico iPP350

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