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Integrated Credit Card Processing
 POS Integrated Credit Card Processing

Implementing EMV to your Point-of-Sale Software just got easier with QuickTouch for Retailers

Making sure you have the most secure credit card processing with our software. We have integrated our software with Datacap NETePay™ with dsiPDCX and EMVdsi Out of Scope software solution for handling credit card payment processing through our POS software. With our software, you can choose on which credit card company you process through. The software to process credit card payments is called "NetEPay" by Data Cap Systems; We are a authorize reseller. You can purchase or rent NetEpay from us and keep your current merchant provider company; NetEpay supports about 25 networks in the United States. Some processors companies will include the cost of NETePay in your merchant service agreement. Please contact your merchant service company, ask them if they support DataCap NetEpay on their Network. As a authorize reseller of NetEpay, you can purchase or rent the software directly from us. What are the benefits of choosing our payment processor partners instead of using your own merchant provider? We can include the cost of the pint-of-sale software, technical support, software updates, EMV Pin Pad and the NetEpay software into one low payment plan with little or no money down. We are in Partnerships with: Sterling Payment Technologies (813) 371-8220 WorldPay (813) 472-6526 Us Directly : (855) 755-4937 Purchase NetEpay Software: First Lane $600.00 and each addition lane $200.00, Setup Fee $75.00
 Rent $25.00 Per Month for First Lane and $10.00 per month for each addition lane. 
 $75.00 Setup Fee Purchase Verifone VX805 EMV Pin Pad Terminal: $249.00 VX805 Stand: $ 99.00
Datacap NETePay Software
VeriFone VX805 Credit Card Pin Pad

VeriFone VX805

Credit Card Pin Pad

Contactless and EMV Ready

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