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QuickTouch for Retailers 
A Point-of-Sale Software for Retail Stores


Our Touch Screen POS Software specialize in inventory control, and retail management. QuickTouch for Retailers controls and manages inventory, employees, customers, vendors, and sales reporting. Its point of sale software for the  retail  management that provides small retailers with the same opportunities that large retailers have by using information from their point of sale system to make better business decisions.


QuickTouch for Retailers is the most affordable point of sale software on the market. We have developed our software by listening to our customers, and over 20 years of experience working with business owners, managers and employees using our software. Our customers tell us our software is user-friendly and easy to learn. About 75% of our customers are switching from another POS Software.


We design our software for retail stores to ensures faster performance than a traditional cash register and other point of sale software, so the cashier can quickly serve the customer. It’s far more user-friendly compared to other POS Software and your staff will be able to quickly ring up sales in minutes.


Download our Demo and watch the short introduction video to see for yourself. Any questions feel free to call us.


Our Goals:

Provide fast and friendly customer support.

Correct software problems immediately.

To offer a affordable point-of-sale software software is compatible with most POS Hardware on the market.


You can depend on us!

We offer phone, email and remote support when you need help with a friendly personal touch.


What separates us from our competitors?

User-friendly, Easy to Learn, and affordable support services.


Point-of-Sale hardware

Our software is compatible with about 80% of POS Hardware found in the market place.


We can provide you with a software solution and consult you on choosing the right hardware to ensure 100% performance.  Assisting you with the installation on the hardware you selected.


We recommend a DataBase server to run MySQL. You can configure MySql on a Windows or Linux Platform. We recommend at least 2.0 GHZ or better with a Quad Core processor and 8GB-16GB of memory installed.


After 20 years of experience in the retail point-of-sale, we highly recommend a separate Database Server to prevent database crashes. Our system uses MySQL or MariaDB. For single user you can install the database engine on the same computer.


You only need Internet connection for integrated credit card processing and remote support.


Integrated credit card processing

We have partnered with a major credit card processing company to offer you the best merchant rates and bring you the latest technology in credit card processing.  To be PCI compliant, our system is integrated with a pin-pad credit card terminal, so your customer’s credit card never leaves their hand. and by June 1, 2016 to be EMV ready.


To ensure the most secure credit card processing, our software is  integrated with Data Cap Systems, Inc. Data Cap supports over 20 merchant processors. Visit our Credit Card information page for more information regarding our integrated credit card processing with our software.

Complete POS System

We do offer a complete solution. We install the software and test the hardware to ensure 100% performance. Installation is simple just plugging in a few cables, we are here to assist you.




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